Unfulfilled Dreams

Rays of light falling across my window forces my eyes to bat an eyelid. Escaping the cozy laziness in my quilt I sat across to welcome a new morning.
As my eyes drifted to see the calmed expression on his face. I sought peace in the beats of my overworking thoughts. The unstoppable mind passed through unknown frontiers of the human life and saw through the lanes of destiny. Willingly waiting for certain rose embedded petals I followed the imaginary path.

It wondered to seek truth in the past and tried mingling it with the present.I saw illusions of happiness and of heartbreaks, of beautiful haven and those unborn children, of struggles and togetherness and with it I even saw plausible illusions of unfulfilled desires. Wondering through lanes of hurtful taints , I thought if this was one more lesson to be learnt, one more chapter to be drafted, one more broken heels and one more wiped episode which might make life a lonely escapade.

As the mind web was entangled in some empty glasses, A half asleep man tinkled the ears to speak of his unfulfilled dream.

He: We will name our son -Ryan. Ok?

Surprised and awaken from some slumber , I couldn’t say much

She: What?

He: After all, its your favorite name so we will keep it.

Before I could say anything further, He gave a peck on my cheeks and went back to catch some more sleep.

As that moment was passing , A Bryan Adams number started playing in my mind,

Then when you can see your unborn children in her eyes
You know you really love a woman

And those lines, answered all the queries of the unrestfull mind.

Before the mind wandered more, a soft hand snatched me in to his arms to say it all.

27 thoughts on “Unfulfilled Dreams

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