Regaining Love

Sadness envelopes
With certain bereavement
Tears appear
All across the skies.

Wandering to seek
Losses I made
Uncertain in the gains
I slip in attempts of vain.

Nostalgia grips way
Times spend back
Trying to hold
I fall in deep well.

Sounds of laughters
Heard in the background
From faces in the ground
Fixated in memories of time.

I flip pages to hold
Time and moments of past
Which took in its hurts
People most loved.

Machines fast revolved
To tell stories of loss
Of all that was possessed
Emotions became games played.

Life moves and still we stand
Hurt is frozen and things gone
Wandering across distance
I again come across the point.

Heart speaks of what’s amiss
As it lay eyes on what completes
Vibrant speaks to move bit more
To hold once again what mattered most.

Seeing those who still beat inside
Being worthless to their outside
Pages were shattered with moisture
Wiping inks written back in lure.

Bestowing fore hearts of love
Seeking what was not mine
Hatred was nullifying itself
Chances was finding ways.

Satisfaction is faraway seen
Aiming to remove void
I wonder once again in veils
Will love regain its old glory?

14 thoughts on “Regaining Love

  1. Beautifully conveyed-the feeling of lost love/relationships and the feeling of hurt which one feels when one looks back.But the best thing is that it ends with a question which leaves the reader with a hope.keep it up SG! 🙂

  2. "Hurt is frozen" how true ! i loved the flow of emotions and various unanswered questions that came across the emotional vent of words 🙂 Its beautifully penned 🙂

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