I Believe

As the sun sets
I look for a new dawn
Fresh dreams
Sprinkled with dews.

Openly welcome
Amassing in my arms
Stores of surprises
Which rays spread around.

Evading the bad omens
Buckling the mind
To joys of wonder
Smiling fortunes befall.

Squeezing the wedge
Of negativity within
Regaining hope
I march forward.

I embrace it willingly
The mornings
And the darkness
I look to happiness.

Spreading my wings
I smile and wipe tears
Worries are removed
As I laugh at them.

Hard toil gets stiff
For toughened is persona
Within me is different
Variants which visualizes.

Dreams are still fictions
But I attempt to actualize
I fly and I rhyme
I dance to the tunes of life.

I welcome the new time
With the new within
Destroying the hurts
Achieving only smiles.

Only year changed
But I feel a lifetime
Decade of struggles gone
Happiness define new me.

Heart rule within
Head cooperate again
I can willingly achieve
For I again BELIEVE.

Also Prompted @ 3WW

P.S. :- I wish All of my readers a Very Very Happy New Year. Last year marked the end of a decade and I welcome the new decade as a decade of positivity, happiness and loads of good things….I welcome it with loads of smile and I hope it proves a blessing for all of you.
Loads and loads of love to everyone.

14 thoughts on “I Believe

  1. oh i am so glad you are surrounded with so much optimism…it really is a nice change after the year we had 🙂 🙂 may your thoughts remain blessed like this…luv u 🙂 :)Happy new year..

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