The Year That Was

As I watch the year go by
I watch some miseries past
Tears which got crystallized
And some dream which got crushed.

The year which started with dreams
And different emotions felt
Reunion of families welcomed its coming
And hard tasks saw what was in store.

Life was imprisoned and freedom squashed
For I unfulfilled someone’s hopes and desires
Misunderstandings and illusions painted love
Hate overpowered the clouds that surrounded.

Hopes reigned in one dream and life stood still
As God taught a lesson by snatching it all
Life stood blank as all roads led to hell
And broken was life which was bereft.

Nothing was to be lost and only gains made
As choosing alternative to make life a success
Toiling to make end meets to breathe
And see some ray even in the black holes.

Slowly and steadily the trusts were regained
And there was believe which returned
As work towards unexpected gains started
To pursue the passions which kept one alive.

Ambitions are far from being fulfilled
But the steps been positives through
I labored enough to put all to shame
And some choices have been made.

The year ends with many a positives
Hundred days of losses ended
With few days of winning
I look towards a year of smiles and wins.

There is no parties and there are no people
But aside me are positive thoughts and minds
Year that comes is posed with some good news
And loads of surprises that changes it all.

I welcome the year with some creativity
And loads of love and promise of happiness
And seek towards loads of achievements
And some smiles which can make life worthwhile.
Goodbye 2010
Welcome 2011

P.S. Wishes for a Happy and prosperious New Year for all my followers, dearest readers as well as silent readers. I Started blogging this year and thanks to you guys I have 100+ followers. I am grateful to all of you for being my side when I was sad, happy or in worse of moods. Special thanks go to some special blogger friends I made which includes Dip, Ms. R, Bebo, Nostalgic, Nil, LSL, Ria , Harini, Sulagna, Zee, Tbg, S.I.S., Jaspreet, Nikki and Special thanks to my most encouraging old pals who make me stick to blogging always i.e. Divaa Divine, Shwe, Nik and Rash. I am sorry if I missed out on anyone.

17 thoughts on “The Year That Was

  1. Ups and downs all this year na…but glad to see that u have sought the alternative and are positive about things…may u achieve all ur dreams and none be broken. Happy new year nabs.

  2. ups and downs all around the year na…but i am glad you have found the alternative and have the positive thoughts…they will help you achieve your dreams…maybe even the shattered ones..thank you so much nabs…god bless u…and wishing you a very happy new year

  3. Aww sweetheart, you're most welcome. I'm glad if I encouraged you even a bit, cause your blog is a gift to blogville :-)Happy new year, love. Have a gorgeous one ahead!cheers and hugggsss,Nil 🙂

  4. Wow! Scribbling Girl, I am happy to see the name S.I.S here. Thanks a lot SG for all the smiles and supports.. You are on of the special frend I got in my blogosphere. Happy Man..Wish you a very Happy New Year 2011..Wonderful poem here, I always admire you a lot SG.–Someone is Special–

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