Uninspired Thoughts

Uninspired thoughts cloak the vision
Discerning the right as the wrong
Positive seemed a coterie of the negative
As clouded senses roamed aghast.

Disinterested in one’s within
Questioning the veil around
Eyes succumbed to the pears
Which dropped as blasts from the past.

Bleak seemed the far away circles
Like the smudged clouds which went away
Doubts reigned in the present
As mores all around seemed unfulfilled.

Heart once spoke aloud in different directions
Today was all soft in its silence of expressions
Head was taking one to a crossover
Blurred in every word that it spoke.

Disenchantment conversed in loud tones
With variance over the ways of time
Perspectives differed in all paths
Nightfall placed a dark shield along the way.

Love was judged along life
As its blanket was failing
Security was being looked elsewhere
Cynicism arouse as it escaped.

Loneliness once again resumed
As head was winning its fable
But in it was losing the human
Who still believed in its own love story.

Also Prompted@3WW

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