Freedom through Words

Disgruntled around myself
Tears crystallized in an instance
Wondering at the muse
When your demise happened.

Words were exhuming from within
As I was penning the thoughts
Prisoned within the spectrum
For as long as I ordained them .

Pain was once again felt
To give voice to my conscious
As it drilled deep within me
Not to be contained anymore.

I whispered sweet nothings
To the nous as it got liquefied
From the spectrum of rust around
It relented to speak of the within.

I got mesmerized in the rhythms
Of sounds that appeared on the maple
Speaking of life that was disappearing
I retouched for its revival once again.

It tinkled out in an abrupt manner
Yet it pained to wipe my tears
As I felt relived to see it all alive
I smiled aloud as the agony was passed.

The efforts finally gave way
Freedom of the senses were felt
Dancing in rains of the pains
I rejoiced in the harmony of the words.

Also Prompted@ 3WW and One Single Expression

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