Its Days Alike

Its days alike the present
I miss your presence near
The days when things worsen
Making the heart weaken
Trickling moisture speak alone.

Its days alike I hate the distance
That makes life tough in a fizz
Where all I seek is a word so meek
A hug that wipes the hurt in glitters
Alas, the love makes the within all lone .

Its days alike when hurt makes me insane
When things worsen in flicks till I die within
Tears froze to tell a tale missed by knowns
Dears are the ones that break me to pieces
Making my bones crack and find recluse in pains.

Its days alike when good die to see a pessimist awaken
Negativity surround forever to see a blemish
Scars of the past makes efforts worthless
Lost in the eyes as black hole seem to call forth
Finding myself losing breath ,I once call to solitude.

Its days alike I wanna surrender it all
Run from the struggle and melt in nature
Bitter words shake the spirit
Feet flutter stopping the within
Faith seem to die as cries of agony burst.

Its days alike where life seemed to have no answers
I cluelessly fall never to move ahead
Hate stares surround the beingness
As bells of losing ring within the ears
Fighter within astonished at the face mirror shows.

Its days alike when earth refuses to pay heed
Dark spell surround wherever sight befalls
Eyes swollen and scared spells speaks
Thought pass through one face which trusts
I cried again in loneliness wishing you never loved
Fighting the hates I arise once again
For the promise bonded for the one who believed.

Also Prompted@One Single Impression

24 thoughts on “Its Days Alike

  1. i wonder why the hell did i read this mirrored my heart with your one could have done it the way you have done..not even me i guess…sigh…and i guess you know it how i feel about this…some days are just like these…

  2. I am not in a long distance relationship though I feel the same sometimes..I just feel something aching in my stomach. Hugging him is like hunger a routine..and it feels horrible wen he is not around..LOVE IS SO BEAUTIFUL…and this pain is bittersweet..:)love the poem.

  3. S G,I am back as my PC is working now. Read all pending posts. Congratulations of ONE YEAR. May you have long time together. How are you feeling now? Do take precautions and do not let viral relapse. Each line in one on Love is so true, specially ones in second half. Distance does make one feel sad in relationship but must keep faith for better tomorrows. Take care

  4. You know how to make your words work for you..and girl you worked this post.. you have a way with making me see your post while I am reading… Tho this is a sad post, You wrote this from your heart! I am back from vacation and starting to catch up!! Hannah

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