I Dream…

Of the fluttering eyelids
And the shaky hands
Pursuing the hue of passion
I shiver for life that lay at behest
Of being an ‘unconventional’ Bride.

As you hold on to wipe the tears
A sheen pass through those eyes
Strengthening within I imbibe your words
Sky is the limit speak my lusty dreams
As ‘Love’ cull the thorns to pave my way.

As I lay my eyes on thy
I feel a flutter pass through the heart
The tiny beings own my unknown existence
A tear seep giving unbound happiness within
I bow to Almighty for ‘completing’ me in all aspects.

Divinity engulfs me as I lay my hands on you
The rhymes dance to let my imaginations run
Words play with me a beautiful game
Hide they and I catch, Attaining peace as I write
Being a ‘versatile’ writer is what makes it all worthwhile.

I fantasied of encircling the universe
Leaving hints of my being in those footprints
As I step on the masterpiece crafted to sail
My dreams are realized in the waves
To ‘Vacation’ the planet with the one I love.

I attain what I sought in fictions
The perfect exemplar for my gene
Beauty surfaced in the classy attire
Brawns in flowing intensity of words
Fame never hides when talents arise
The ‘quintessential’ women finally rest in peace.

I gave a blissful laugh as you swing glory to me
My wrinkles shine even though weak I became
Content is what I attained in the small journey of life
Worthwhile for I had you to share it all this while
Finally, I seek a ‘Peaceful’ death in the arms of my soul mate.

Also Prompted @ Wordless Wednesday and 3WW

30 thoughts on “I Dream…

  1. This is too good Scribbling Girl.. I am mesmerized by your lovely take.. Awesome.. the way depicted it right from the bride to an old age.. Nice pics…You are invited to Room for Romance.–Someone Is Special–

  2. She says:".. I would not have a single bit of talent left..", yes, ("Lest, He returning, chide")>Nice Miltonic allusion. u can meet Him with plain lovely heart free from metaphors and similes.U are a true talented poetess. Carry on.

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