Love is…

All you need is love.…..goes the lyrics of a famous song by Beatles and that is indeed so true.

When Sunday Scribblings came with the prompt Love, I thought it would be unjust if I wrote nothing but then my blog has been so mush as it is so I thought …lemme do something to just convey the idea of love.

So what is actually love for me?

Love is those hands which pick me when I fall,
Love is those scared eyes when transport betrays,
Love is those reassuring eyes when scare overwhelms,
Love is those wet bandages when spats of fever over comes,
Love is those arms wrapped and pains in eyes of you – My parents.

Love is the pillow fights over owing the gene,
Love is the surprising chocolate on my birthday,
Love is the first teddy and the first movie in pajamas,
Love is when you don’t sleep in your vacations to get me through,
Love is when you still forgive my mistakes and see ways – My elder brother.

Love is those evening calls even when we just met hours back,
Love is those stupid fights which makes us cry buckets over nothing,
Love is when the distance is nothing when you had to give me your arms,
Love is those utmost tries to get things on track where we ultimately succeed,
Love is those eyes and those words which say ‘I understand’- My best friend.

Love is indeed lot more than just these few relations for me …….

Love is that one message from an unknown which makes my day,
Love is that smile on the face of the orphan ‘traffic’ girl when I buy that pencil,
Love is those street cats which went hungry for days because I shifted places,
Love is in the eyes of the old lady whom I help in climbing the stairs,
Love is in those children who play and I smile in replaying childhood,
Love is in the prayers of the beggar as he try to catch that penny,
Love is the satisfaction of the hungry on seeing food he can garner,
Love is in the air breeze along the shining sun as I breathe,
Love is the glory of stars surrounding the moon as I find serenity,
Love is all around as long we breathe it in and feel it within,
Love is that dance in the rains and fragrances of those flowers,
Love is forever around as long we live in an quest to learn and explore,
Love is feeling life as forever rather than awaiting death in moments.

So friends, Love forever and ever for love is not just around its ‘within you’ .


30 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. This post was just beautiful!Happy 50th post, sweetheart! I'm glad I bumped into your blog, and even gladder that we're in touch via this awesome forum!I LOVE your blog.. so please keep writing cause your writing makes me smile, always :)much much love,nil πŸ™‚

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