Back to Creativity

Hello Friends,

I have been away from blogger for a while and owing to it missed out a lot on reading and commenting. Though I didn’t intended to go off without a going away post but then my viral fever created havoc and I had no options. I hope you guys enjoyed the scheduled posts as I wasn’t able to enjoy them and will go about replying back and visiting my favorites blogs I missed out on very soon.

I have been off writing for almost two weeks so no idea if my creative juices are still intact and am still trying to catch up so forgive me if they don’t work and I come up with some not so good posts in the coming weeks.

Here I come afore
To the life I missed
Full of wisdoms and lures
Creative fun and amour.

Relishing each part
Like the juices of oxygen
To pursue the way
Of randomness and originality.

Writing what’s kept within
Jolting what is yet to incept
Living the works
And feeling the words.

Here I come again
To life I loved
Rejoicing the moments
Enticed in the magic of words.

So hope to catch up with you all sooon.

45 thoughts on “Back to Creativity

  1. Welcome back lady! I seriously missed you! Absolutely agree with Meera, totally right of a poem! :)And, belated Eid mubarak to you :)much much love. -Nil.

  2. @Ria yes I did πŸ™‚ Bloody viral spoiled my bro vacation too as I got it just before he arrived…I was on bed for bloody 5 days 😐 and then lost appetite for another 5 days 😐 u get well soon girl :)Take care

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