The ‘Frightening’ Love(Part 4)

If you haven’t read- here’s the Part 1 , Part2 and Part 3

Love is indeed one kind of drug which when induced is all one can feel all around. The drug where your beloved is all around in thoughts and on you. But then life can’t work for a druggist as one moves into reality. The effect of the love drug is maximum in the initial phase and get intermixed with real world as days goes on- someone can make it work but some get the life juggled on.

Brian has been the kind for whom life works on focuses- when it was work and money – it was just it and when it came to love-it was just Clara. Morning to night it was just her for him and that’s how he lived.But then life can’t go on forever in that light and so it didn’t.

Clara found a new light and life with Brian. A life she enjoyed like a rain but then she wasn’t really like Brian and most importantly she was drenching herself in the limelight of teenage. The age where everything is fun and everything is innocently nice. On the other hand, Brian was far from that age and had known one aspect of life- survival. And so life was serious , it was dangerous and it was obsessive for him.

So when innocence met danger , there has to be an explosion of the sorts but this explosion was different. These explosive sparks had the emotions and the hearts, it had the love and the fear and it was lifetaking.

Is all I could see
You is all around the veils
Runs its course
But I magnify the width
In your eyes and your warmth
I yearn to stay forever
Like the orphan
I seek everlasting
In the kiss of the beloved.

These lines indeed described the yearning of the lovers but then what happens when one feels he own the other?

Comes the times of Avoidance, Possessiveness and Jealousy.
Comes the times of the Fights and the Arguments.
Comes the times of the Anger and the Hatred.

“Why didn’t you pick my call”, Shouted Brian

“I was in the class dear”, Replied Clara

“Ya ya you had class even at 12 am yesterday”, said the ever more angry Brian

“I was sleeping then”, replied the irritated Clara
“Either you sleep or you study whole day right”, Spoke Brian even more harshly

“Yes that’s what a college goer does…You wouldn’t know”, said Clara sarcastically.

“Offcourse I wouldn’t . But I know one doesn’t study in the discos”, Replied Brain shrewdly

“You have been spying me “, said the ever more irritated Clara

“That isn’t my answer Clara”Shouted brian twisting her hand

“I don’t feel the need to answer” said Clara snatching her hand away and pushing him back to leave.

This act turned the villain in Brian even more dominant who had never ever taken No for an answer. The man was dumb in his thoughts by this new color of Clara.

He was saddened and he was aghast- he could have snatched her again but then somehow didn’t. He felt something snatching away and something creating a wound deep till his heart

The innocent Clara was clueless she wasn’t dealing with some teenager but a Man who doesn’t thinks twice before blowing up even humans.

The anger and love was being mixed with Brian- for he had not loved before. This time the love was feeding his ego and his obsession.Clara was not just his passion but was his obsession, she was his or else she is nothing.
Love was seeing the darker side. The side which was hidden in the veils of light. The side which just need one instance to move it all.

That instance came in the form of a friendship- of Clara’s with her best friend Ron.

Who would know the sight of friendly endeavor between Clara and Ron will bring the Satan in Brian out in the open.

Who could known an innocent goodbye hug can unleash Brian’s deadly pistol up in open in a college environment and scare in eyes of Clara.

Who knew that moment would have defined another side of love?

Only if they had known…….!

To be continued………



20 thoughts on “The ‘Frightening’ Love(Part 4)

  1. S G,Read all pending posts now as I have been absent for too long. You took me back to my childhood with Childhood Dreams. After reading 4 parts, deep interest is aroused. When is the next part?Take care

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