Emptiness besiege me
Carrying the wound
Of what went past
Like a split second.

Vacuum reside me
Creating splatters alike
Rushes of memories
Leery of a retake.

I wonder way within
Destined am I forever
Craters on the surface
Spoil my culmination still.

Rallying pass the route
As the subway passes
I reintegrate thoughts
Wary of resurgence.

The commonality speaks
Finding crowd rush afar
As the speed halts
Makes the hole within.

The search still exist
Looking for a time
When filled with content
Eyes I attain.

Time zapped fast
Taking along humans
Bringing races afore
Material more spiritual less.

As I rest today
I fumble again
Searching for words
Once completing my entirety.

Revisiting faraway thoughts
Destiny I ordain myself
Promise to end
Vacuum by filling the within.

Also Prompted@One Single Impression

40 thoughts on “Emptiness

  1. again…i love the poet in you…i cant express in verses like that..simply adore it about u..:)nice to have u around.. you're one of my favorites at blogger..xoxo

  2. Very beautiful.. I liked the linesThe search still existLooking for a timeWhen filled with contentEyes I attain. and still like them.. carrying the feeling with me as I leave this page..Welcome to my space..

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