Childhood Dreams

Passing through
Those lanes
A Glimpse
Of You.

Makes one
Remember the
Childhood roars
And cries.

Jumping jacks
Pretty fairies
Of the secrets
Hidden beneath.

The mud
Spoke as
The trees
Spanked down.

Of the flowers
Plucked and
Fruits destroyed.

Rocks climbed
And the scratches
Of the swings.

Of the visits
To hospitals
Of worried mamas
And unaffected us.

The glory of
Snatching berries
From trees
And beaten tales.

Of the stories
Written in gold
Of the basketballs.

Spoke cycles
Of the frisbees
And badmintons.

Of shorts
And rains
Paper ships
And tiny planes.

Railing to faraway
Destined ways
It spoke.

Snapped Along
Was the
First heartbeat
We missed.

The first
Touch we
Felt through.

Dreams we
Weaved along
The Rosy
Innocent Tinge.

Talents that
Sprang up
In the walls
Cultivated within.

In the hearts
Of the
Also Prompted@ Magpie Tales

52 thoughts on “Childhood Dreams

  1. Okay, WOW. no seriously, that was beautiful. It truly made me visualize every thing. Each and every thing. A wonderful piece, lady! wonderful πŸ™‚

  2. It truly was a heart warming post !!!all the things were actually visible to me as i told you before your writings are not only read but can be seen too !!!beautiful….keep rocking baby !

  3. 'The mud spoke as the trees spanked down,' is completely awesome. you some really great images, emotions captured fully and beautifully in this poem. great job, i loved reading this.

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