The ‘Frightening’ Love(Part 2)

If you haven’t read- here’s the Part 1

Enticed in the glory
Of love and of beauty
We were beating
Like one entity
Feeling the beauty
of those duties
Laughing away
In the sunshine
Which brought us
Together in the time
To write a history
Invisible in our times
Of happiness and rain
Sunshine and vain
These words described the stories shared by Clara and Brian. It was story of the love birds enticed in themselves….witnessing change in themselves ……and finding beauty even in the hatred around.For them there existed no entity but they… was turning into a beautiful game….game of joy and game of life…..where they envisioned to live forever and ever.

Love is beautiful if it sees only love and love but this love had another side to it which Clara has never seen before.

The side of hatred, the side of possessives, the side of wanting, the side of commodifying entities…..The side of the criminality lived by Brian before Clara entered.

The side where the temper of Brian had fetched him fast into the lands of the unknown….the lands of the Money, passion and wealth….The land where love had no place to reside….The land where Brian was the king and weapons were his power…….But then that was then, when Brian had not tasted love….Where Brian was just Brian, the Don.

But Love had changed him…….where sunshine had entered his life and his world….!

But then can ‘The Unwanted’ Leave its King alone for too long in his aloofness?

To be continued…..

24 thoughts on “The ‘Frightening’ Love(Part 2)

  1. Love makes you weird things.. you do stuff that you never thought you will do maybe for good or for bad .. either way Love is great for people who Get it and give it back.. Nice story

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