Words Say It All

Here I come again with some letters which were never written but writing them made me realize that no doubt writing is just so liberating because it releases the bird which was caged long within. The cage has been open and now the bird is all flying and the exploration is taking time but it is indeed happening.

So here it begins:-

Dear person that broke my heart the hardest,

I still remember the night where you were caressing my wounds of a friendship which went sour. You told me that friendship is like a glass where one bolt breaks it and even if you join them up the cracks remain. This sentence has stuck to me ever since and would be there for life. You know what the irony of that learning was? It was that you never followed it for you were the one who not only broke everything we had into pieces but broke me deep within into such small bits that no matter how much I tried they never joined to become the ‘me’ I was. And worse of all was the one who wiped my tears of a broken friendship gave me the largest amount of tears for a lifetime. I feel maybe it would have been better that no one had wiped the friendship tears because the cost of it turned to be too pricey.The memories of friendship that you gave me will always be the most cherished but alas I had to go off the promise we made. Some promises are easily made but tough to keep. According to you we never severed the bolts in our friendship because there was clarity from the start. But can friendship work with terms and conditions? It is not a contract. But I guess it surely was one for you. I don’t have regrets about what happened because otherwise I would have stayed the feeble child I was. But yes I do have a wish to catch hold of you and seek some answers of how can someone be such a being. You disgust me often. But then no I realized I don’t need to because I learned some important lessons for life from you. Lessons which have made me the person I am today. Those were lessons of dishonesty, cheating, back stabbing and over all whom not to befriend. I still wonder though what will happen to you when you get old and rugged. I wish someday you do understand emotions of true love and friendship but I know you wouldn’t and that’s why I can see a lonely you standing beside people begging for peace. What really aghast me is how I could never predict that someone can be a innocent compulsive liar. I wonder that don’t you get sick of lying all the time. I wonder do you even speak truth to yourself. I guess you don’t and that’s why I seriously pity you. What really pinches me is that everything we shared but just lies from your side and I never knew.I am sure you will not be too happy to know that my bruised heart is finally breathing with oxygen of love and its did recover .
Stay away for your betterment.

Dear person whom I hate the most/caused a lot of pain,

I often cursed life and fate for making me the way I was back then. I am glad you existed for just a minimal period and that period was distasteful. I wonder how did I ever got entrapped but then I guess it was destined to happen. I feel sorry to mankind that such filthy beings exist and worse to know they are part of forces. How do we even consider oneself safe when the lawbreakers are the lawmakers itself. I regret I never slapped you and for that I hated myself. That disgust feeling within took long to go by and I somehowhad to drink the poison of hate.I know if I had ever seen you after that I might have done something unlawful. You took away a part of the innocence I was proud of but thankfully I could protect myself in some ways. I pray that you rot in fire wherever you exist because I know what you sow is what you get. And one more thing if you wanna be alive learn to respect or you never know what your fate in future might be.
Hope life punishes you for your deeds.

Dear person I want to tell everything to, but afraid to do so,

I really miss the time when we used to be the best of friends. I know there is a thin line of perspectives drawn between us for the relation we share but then I always felt we could cross it. But alas modernity can move towards traditionalism only if it learn to accept it and that was something which never happened. I tried crossing that line when I shared some deep kept secrets but today I know that was the worst mistake I did with us. That secret shook the entire foundation we had. I lived the worse period of my life after that. Living in one’s house got transformed into a jail surrounded by cellars where my existence was questioned. I am not such a miserable being as I was made to believe. I never wasted my years as people believed but alas no one understood of what I went through in those years and I am proud I came out victorious as a stronger human. I know the trick to hide tears and alas no one read it and even you didn’t who is supposed to know all even before being told. The trust we shared broke into pieces and from being the loved one I turned into a criminal. I wish I could open up my heart in front of you and show the truth. I wish you had not judged me based on some notions and tried knowing more. I wish you had given importance to my dreams and happiness more than anything else. I wish that you had not come to conclusions about me based on your perspective rather than others. I know the person you have become now, it will be impossible to make you see my point but I hope we do find some melting point someday.I know you might feel let down even in the future by me but I promise I will not let that down be for long because I am going to be a person seeing whom you can be proud of as it will be much more than your wishes.
I sincerely love you loads.

Dear dreams,

I know you get scared looking at the directions of my life but just stick on and I promise you all will be realities. It took me long to believe in you and when I do I can assure you that I surely will fulfill you completely with all justice. It will take a long time for me to reach where I yearn for but I surely will reach. Over my life time you have constantly changed in every period and I know you started wondering what do I actually aim for in life. But this is the first time I am sure of the final dream I wish for. The small dreams might vary but the ultimate heavenly dream would be the same and when I reach there I am sure you will be so proud of me .
Till then keep waiting for me as I wait for thy.

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15 thoughts on “Words Say It All

  1. Hey i have no words to describe this work, apt pic and the words. Of all the lines penned down here, I was amazed by these, "And worse of all was the one who wiped my tears of a broken friendships gave me the largest amount of tears for a lifetime." Awesome..Yours Frendly,Saravana Kumar M

  2. This post certainly takes time to savor, time to soak up all the heart-felt emotions, details, thoughts. I got to the end, took a deep breath and held it. Wonderful writing, fantastic insights.

  3. You said it all….amazing display of emotions .i loved the feeble child part..I love the kind of person you are,loving,caring,determined and realistic yet living in dreams and wanting ,actually promising yourself to make them reality one day.i wish,i could open up my heart in front of you to show you the truth…beautiful lines.

  4. I'm speechless, I seriously am,what a beautiful post, lady. Wow. I'm just.. speechless. Your words have never echoed more strongly in my ears. This, just sweeped me off my feet.

  5. scribbling girl…you are like another enid blyton for me…the kinds you would love to read, smile, think back and reflect…beautiful..and heyii m late i know but happywala friendship day

  6. the letter to the person you kissed last left me mouth dropped open o_O i m in a mix of emotions and my God you did it brilliantly :Dmwahhhhhhhhhh!!!!i wish you a whole lot of smiles my love!

  7. Each letter is hearfelt and yes people who have hurt and given so much PAIN.. i second you on that HOW CAN such people exist .. how could we not find out about there lieing,schemeing ways how could we be such fooools revenge is sweet… lets see if i get mine … an yes hope life punishes them who hurt and gave pain… all the best and god bless

  8. S G,Caught up with pending posts. Read the letters which show how deeply you were moved with emotions and pain too. And these also show the strength you gained. Fragrances of Love, beautiful photographs with such matching captions.Take care

  9. wow..this was incredible!! esp because I don't think there is a single person who can relate to it..we've all been hurt, we've hurt people, we have loved..we've dreamed…this was very beautifully conveyed and hats off to you for not holding back your emotions!!

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