Why Did You Leave Me Recluse!

The eyes hurt and they swell the tear,
Dropping from it like a jerk in the heart,
I seek an answer from the one who borne it,
Why did you leave the one recluse,
whom you held deep inside your womb.

You taught to walk and taught to smile,
You healed my wounds when all I knew was to cry,
Standing on my feet were your biggest dreams,
And earning my first check was you biggest glint,
But then why did you leave the one recluse,
When all she did was pursued her dreams.

You taught me to fight and you taught to stand for one’s rights,
All was right when what I believed in was right,
You gave me the strength and you gave me the voice,
Spoke I and you brimmed with all the pride,
But then why did you leave the one recluse,
Just because she choosed the ‘one’ who wasn’t your idea of a ‘right’.

He was the right one till the ego clashes started,
Statuses entered and education farted,
You got misled by the ones who loved you the most,
More than love materialism mattered the most,
I was asked to choose, choose I must for the sake of love,
And I sighed why did you leave the one recluse,
to wipe its own tears when it needed you the most.

Today I must choose and today I must be cut,
For more than love your prestige matters the most,
I am allowed to choose the ‘One’ with everything but love,
But not the one who can carry me in arms like a princess of love,
For I am not allowed to say a ‘No’ to the obligation you owe,
Even though I sob to ask, Why did you leave the one recluse,
As It choose respect over honor and love over money.

I made a decision in my hearts, for I must to make a path,
Path which is filled with roses, where thorns must not reside,
I have the freedom to cultivate the flowers and remove the bushes,
Bring about a meadow in the forest, for I follow the beauty of love,
Even though I seek puzzling answers to why you leave the one recluse,
I created a paradise of the hearts.

Languages of the hearts you didn’t understood,
Even though you carried me all along with those words,
Blood spilled and hatred won,
Dead statues I became, And cried you with the gloom,
I wonder again , Why did you leave the one recluse,
To die in pain when all I did was to love you in haste.

Hurt I am in the hearts, but did follow your route,
And I tell you, Even though you left the one recluse,
I invite you to this paradise when times comes,
Seek I will the forgiveness for the sins I never committed,
And the bliss that I eventually created.

48 thoughts on “Why Did You Leave Me Recluse!

  1. nicely written. Not all the "honor killings' are because of honor, a whole chunk of them are property related disputes as well. Either way, it's a disgrace.

  2. SAD SAD Truth of our way.. sadly its part and parcel our asian community .. which is a black mark on us and pity we are not doing enough to stop .. we havenot even started doing anything beautiful poem and thought provoking words .. well done

  3. Lady, beautifully written.And I know man, I so know what you mean. What a goddamn disgrace. It enrages my blood, it does.But really well written. Seriously !

  4. i m just so numb – but even then the power of your words aches me inside out!sighhh!!!you have the key to change stuff dear – yes with that sorta beauty you most definitely can!

  5. S G,How true. I really wonder what makes a mother let her own girl child be killed in cold blood. I had written a post Double Standards on this issue. Hope you read it. It is a shame and big blot on our society. Take care

  6. It's a shame. Even at this time women are subjected to such atrocities. It's shameful.I don't think I could ever express myself so wonderfully. You've done a brilliant job. Try sending it for publication!

  7. @Being Pramoda thanks dear! I know something out to be done….not just education because many educated families got involved in it…ppl need to be made aware that customs, rituals and society can't be more dear than ur own children from ur own blood!

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