An ‘Eternal’ Moment!

As I juggled between paying credit bills and completing office works, twenty hours seemed too short a time.

Deadlines ringed in my mind like a vulgar praise.

To top it all there was my insomniac brain juggling to stay awake.

Life seemed unmanageable and distressful.

At that moment, my two year old daughter said gently,

β€œMomsie, Can I have one more candy”

One look at her and all distress seemed to evaporate.

I picked her up in my arms and whispered, β€œNo you can have two” with a peck on her cheeks.

Life was indeed living in those innocent moments.

P.S. This a drabble-fiction in 100 words!

Also Prompted@3WW

26 thoughts on “An ‘Eternal’ Moment!

  1. Awesome piece yaar.. I loved it.. Nice way to use those three words.. Yeah a perfect Drabble.You know what, I have won in the Moments Of Madness Contest by BlogAdda.Yours Frendly,Saravana Kumar M

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