Teardrops of Life!

Life made me tired,
As another tear rolled down,
To touch the lips and leave a sigh,
I prayed to be lost in vagueness,
Perplexed by the bizarreness,
Of the glaring life and darkness,
Where the dears caused the teardrops,
And the strangers wiped them ?

53 thoughts on “Teardrops of Life!

  1. True it is.This is the irony of life..sometimes we find the support where we least expected it…somewhat similar to 'we cry for those who don't care for us and we don't care for those who cry for us!!'

  2. hie…gal,you were right..u so..much feel like me…when your loved ones desert you and those strangers come closer…amzingly written..take care baby…lots of love…hugs..

  3. Soo true..the last part! Guess because strangers don't know your history so they aren't biased or judgmental and are just with you in the present..in the moment! And the close ones know everything about you and know exactly where it hurts the most! Great work!

  4. i loved d last two lines..and i guess dats d irony of life…the ones from which we expect are never their to wipe away are tears…sigh..PS: sorry for nt being able to read u darling…will be regular now…pakka se :Dluv u

  5. You have a way with words lady! I read your last three posts and trust me, I went wow. you try to write in simple words and express what you have to say so strongly – I just love it. I love works that make me feel. Heavy huh?

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