An Unfinished Saga!

Not so long ago, I wrote a story,
Of the lovely dimes and their damsels,
In a different town , In a different world,
Where the identity was known ajar.

Not so long ago, Where I was me,
And the story was near and complete,
In the minds it revolved each day ,
Prompting me to write and culminate.

Not so long ago, came a breaking,
When the cork rushed off a jar,
And came a storm to pause it all,
Like a numbness life went still.

Not so long, the numbness went far,
Healing restored the cells in the brains,
And I poured the scribbling on a paper,
Hidden behind a mask but I still created.

Not so long ago, eyes stationed on a few pieces,
Of paper and of ink, where I wished to be a star,
Twinkling in the sky of fame, with the writings of a genius,
And I wondered, What will be the fate of that story,
Lost in anonymity, or a published self generating smiles in all?

30 thoughts on “An Unfinished Saga!

  1. S G,Read some of your current posts. I was writing comments on Wish when lights went off. So I shut down my PC. And it was good or I would have missed this one. I liked Second Chance a lot. Gender bender was enjoyable and made me smile. Our dreams keep changing with growing process. But DREAMS we must have or life becomes so docile without anything to look forward to. It was good thought provoking post. Beautiful poem which shows some hidden event which left sadness. Is it?Take care

  2. Not so long ago, I was mesmerized by this writer;Not so long ago, I commented my thoughts here;Not so long ago, I visited this blog.But am gonna to be regular to enjoy such impressive thoughts.Yours Frendly,Saravana Kumar M

  3. @Jack Thank u so much for such kind words i am truly honored :)Offcourse dreams and inspirations are something which keeps us going or else life wouldnt be worthwhile!Ya sadness in a way….but it was more of creative sadness…of leaving something unfinished due to sad events of life!Thanks again!Take care

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