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“I want to be a driver when I grow up”,shouted my four year old nephew as he drove past in his newly acquired toy sports car.

The thought of becoming a car driver was so alluring to him that he didn’t care what others thought of his wish. His mom’s shouts didn’t matter when he was lost in his own dreamy world of cars and races.
The thought that someone would ever aim to have a profession of a driver was indeed weird but then those were the thoughts of an innocent mind- a mind free of divides, of petty selfishness…..all it did was what it loved. His innocent wishes made me go back in flashback and think of all the aims and wishes I once acquired.
From being a doctor to being an actress, from being a Miss Universe to being a dancer, from a journalist to a businesswoman, from an engineer to a cricketer and from being Bill Gates to becoming Kiran Bedi ……We all see the wishes of it all in our childhood.

Then came the world of practical wisdoms and nuances and so the wishes were transformed into reality based and ambitious ones. From just being able to secure admission in college to being able to graduate with good marks were the wishes of our newly working minds.

The three years of graduation were indeed the loveliest wishful days……what all that mattered was fun mixed with studies, fests mixed with struggles over attendances, fresher parties to farewell parties, the juggle for notes to last moment studies. The wishes ranged from marks, to proper dresses, to proper attendances, to the less home works.

There was another aspect of wishes which started in those years. It was the wishes of the opposite sex. The wish of that ‘hot hunk’ or the ‘ glamorous beauty’ ‘s one look to that one talk….to that touch while exchanging books to that first date……life was indeed rosy with glinted glasses like the M&B romances in those teen years.
But then those years end and start the fight of one’s groundings and earnings. Some move on becoming business administrators, some journalists, some move abroad, to some start working….and few like me join the big struggle of academics……and life moves out from rosy years to sweaty years.

From innocent chocolate wishes, it increases to owning Mercedes, increasing bank balance, posh house wishes……..or the wish for that one admission, to that one funding, to that one admission to that one dream job……Spectrum increases and so does the wishes.

Life moves and moves…….we work and slog……..we aim for beautiful wives and rich husbands …….along with mansions and Mercedes and all along the mere idea of a true wish gets lost.
But then we also wish for lesser pains….we wish for less heartbreaks and more true people….we wish for one true friend and less backstabber…..we wish for one person to lend a shoulder and we wish for less loneliness in a crowd.

Suddenly, my nephew asks me

β€œAunt, what do you wish for?”

I have an list of items to seek………..but then I realize his innocence doesn’t value them and then I realize what he has which I lack ……..!

I reply,

“I just wish for a peaceful, painless existence………where I could sleep with a smile on my face”

To that he cutely replies ….

“Then come over often……I sleep all the time I feel like here”

To that I smile and understand what I really want…….

“I want a life like his…..I wish for that childhood and that wish of where all I wished was for a chocolate”
Only if Wishes were horses……..!

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51 thoughts on “Wish!

  1. Absolute beauty . Excellent portrayal of how our wishes transformed simple to complex to ambitious to greedy over the years . Looking back we realize that the simplest ones were those we wished for as kids. When we were kids we wished we grew up fast , now we wish we never grew up, we now wish that we never wished for growing up. :-)Liked this one. Good Luck

  2. lol @ your nephew wanting to be a driver:P..He's going to be very embarrassed when you tell him this when he grows up! Reminds me of a 3 year old cousin of mine who said she wanted to me a mommy when she grew up! LOL :p Loved reading this! Very well written!

  3. When we were yet kids, we have cute, funny wishes and dreams, innocently carved in our minds…:-)When we grow old, and have tasted the real life, what more with the many odds and ends, we'd wish we were yet child again!This post brings back old, happy, childhood memories!Good one!!!All the best for BATOM 12!

  4. A deep refreshing sleep is perhaps one of the basic things that we lose when we grow up. Wonderfully put. I think I would wish to go back to the simple desires of childhood too.ATB for Batom

  5. its a well written post, but for me, i think my childhood wasn't as carefree..and where i am today, i am more content, more satisfied..even if there are nights i cant sleep, i wouldn't trade this life for anything…:)

  6. nostalgic..but may i leave an advice..u have used 'an'instead of 'a' lot of times..grammar-wise cd see a lil bit of improvement..and 'from being Bill Gates to Kiran Bedi' surely u cant be wishin for both? lol consider the gender change..a little too mjuch t ask for eh? but nice flow..liked that

  7. Hey u actually scribbled our hearts here.. loved it from the beginning till the end.."I want a life like his…..I wish for that childhood and that wish of where all I wished was for a chocolate"Reminds me of Jagjit's Singh's evergreen song – kaagaz ki kashti, baarish ka pani…. :)Keep participating and enriching this event..

  8. @Leo i wrote it in one pace so did it…corrected it now…Well if u read the post properly u will realize I am talking of chidhood in general not about a girl or boy speaking…so a girl aimed to be kiran bedi and guy bill gates and the gender doesn't change :PThanks!

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