Last Remnants!

As I walk down the aisle,
A resentfulmemory passes by,
Showing upon hidden scars,
Lost in the uninitiated past.

Scars of the innocence lost,
In moments of chuckles,
Chuckles of the unpolluted mind,
For sake of dreams felt like a lifetime.

Momental life felt like a generation,
Generation lived in peaceful existence,
The peace which gave no clue ,
Of the upcoming baneful coming.

Those moments came haunting,
Tepid words of the past,
Exploded like acrid warnings,
Breaking fairy tale laughters into salty tears.

Tears broke the faith,
And it broke the belief,
Belief of the knight,
And the belief of the armor.

Turned into an inept,
Loitered in its isolation,
Darkness was its ally,
And illumination its adversary.

Today the light of fate shines,
A hand of destiny calls forth,
Smiles of peace reappears,
And here I dream again.

But the apprehensions resides,
Fright of the unopened wounds,
I step forth to hold the prince,
Who holds a balm to all cuts.

But the happiness precedes some regrets,
Regrets in the delays for happiness to come,
Regrets of the hurts destined in the past,
Regrets of the wrongs that snatched the glory.

Glory was mashed up in the struggle,
Struggle which showed the thorns before the roses,
And the devils before the angels,
Angels who were to come but after the learnings.

I snatch your hand to fit into mine
And I wipe the tears of the scars,
Thank I fate to bring you to me,
Only remorse felt was of the devils of the past,
Whose heart wrenching prelude was necessary,
Before the Angelic Knight was to arrive.

Also Prompted@3WW

36 thoughts on “Last Remnants!

  1. its beautiful loved dese lines- but the happiness proceeds some regrets.regrets in delays for happiness to come,regrets for the hurts destined in the past,regrets of the wrong that snatched the glory.beyond words to describe the beauty of it.

  2. "Those moments came haunting,Tepid words of the past,Exploded like acrid warnings,Breaking fairy tale laughters into salty tears.""Only remorse felt was of the devils of the past,Whose heart wrenching prelude was necessary,Before the Angelic Knight was to arrive."I loved these lines so much! A brilliant narration…

  3. I feel like i'm really lucky to have come across this poem.. what a talent u have got.. so softly written at the same time it was apt ..:) well done gal..:) PS: May i know ur name pls?

  4. every girl awaits the chivalrous knight after coming face in face with adversitieswords so beautifully spun into verses!it was like a periodic saga of a girl waiting for her dream man for ages…a bit poignant but ends on a happy note.loved it !

  5. So many emotions expressed so beautifully!!….the pain that is a thing of the past n d bright future that awaits her, have been linked up very well:)

  6. do i need to say anything πŸ™‚ your words are what i relate to the most – like all fairy tales – the princess awaits the knight in an armor to come rescue her from the strains and pains – and we belive – he ll come :)hugs

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