Meadows of Love!

Lying in those meadows of love with my head softly held in your arms I wondered.

I traced my steps into the flashback of life and came with a list of :-




Broken Spirits

Bad Luck

Broken Me

Then I passed a quick glance at the face lying beside me —-The face which stood for all the opposites. The face which brought me to live and loved me without seeking it.

At that moment I erased all the past to live my present and built my future.

Then embracing you in those moments I promised myself a life of more, more and much more.

Prompted@ 3WW

34 thoughts on “Meadows of Love!

  1. Having someone to love and being loved are the most wonderful things in life. :)The feeling of love is so strong that it can pass through any amount of pain.Its always good to leave the past behind.Cheers! πŸ™‚

  2. You know when you see someone sleeping peacefully next to you, while you struggle to get out of bed thinking…should i sleep another 15 minutes or should i surprise him with a nice breakfast…beleive me the very fact that you you have an option of making sexy texy breakfast for the man in bed, is a lucky thing!!**touchwood**

  3. love it. you make me feel true love is still a possibility…i'm in love with your blog. it gives me hope, helps me build my dreams..keep writing such beautiful "mushy" stuff:P

  4. Living in the present and looking forward to the future is the wise way to live..what has happened has happened! Thanks for reminding us all that..great post! πŸ™‚

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