The First Rain!

Sitting across the juggling lines of the balcony she wondered of the life that has just been passing by without a sound. The life that is like a struggle of thorns from which the roses never appear, the series of exams where the ‘A’ grade hardly happen and those endless of hardworks where the sweat never seems to bear fruits. She wondered of the time when the buds will flourish into a rose or when the dried scratched land will turn into a fertile one with huge flourishing grains of joy.

Just when these thoughts seem to be suffocating life out from her brain, a tiny droplet falls and touches the tip of her head. As she raised those eyes to see the skies another of those drops fall on her eyes as if to signal beginning of a new life. She again wondered how life changes like a zap of a second- from a ghastly killing sun to a cloudy sky – the weather itself signaled transformation.

The weather was signaling a sign of relief and hopes to everyone loathing the harshness of the sun. The fiery sun was hidden by the soft clouds proving that everyone has its day. As more and more water trickled from the sky, she remembered a thought……

“The rains are nothing but blessings from the sky…from the one above”.

These thoughts brought a smile to the wretched face which was deep in thoughts dreading the future just as it was once for its past. With the rains came a sign of hope and of the change of the times. She decided that it’s been enough of those dreadful times and of all the scary thought.

And she said to herself,

β€œLet me drench myself in the blessings of the one above and soil all the hurts of the past to see the beauty of the future”.

Saying those words to herself, she ran from her balcony towards the open field to drench herself in the first rains. She wanted to enjoy the new beginnings and tell herself that a new life is being promised to her. Life which can be full of struggles- but it will be sprinkled above with love for just one being- Oneself.

Prompted@Thursday Tales

Image Courtesy@ Spider13Bug

20 thoughts on “The First Rain!

  1. your post reminds me of a song from fanaa but mostly it makes me wanna quoteRone De Aaj Hamko Do Aankhen Sujaane DeBaahon Mein Lene De Aur Khud Ko Bheeg Jaane DeHain Jo Seene Mein Qaid Dariya Woh Choot Jaayega Hain Itna Dard Ke Tera Daaman Bheeg Jaayega

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