The Spring Of Our Love!

The magic springs were touching my feet,
Sparkling were my eyes in that seat,
Thinking of the moments that just passed,
Creating a flutter of waves in the hearts.

The heart was all soothed in peace of moments,
Moments which had given it the long awaited calmness,
Calmness was in the beauty of the hearts which smiled,
Smiled they did even in those hailing distances piled aright.

A smirk emerged in the face thinking of the abandonment ,
For it was the aloft feeling which felt like the eternal bereavement,
It was a time of the gradual demise of the soul,
Time which felt like the end of all the dreams it ever sowed.

Yet the time was precise for a new beginning,
As its the ultimate sorrow which begets a fountain of joys,
Joys were awaiting at the corners laded with bouquet of flowers,
Hidden in them was my favorite orchid to lighten up the spark.

The ignited spark bathed that breath to feel the smell,
Smell of the moments which was sparkled with scents,
Scents of beauty and happiness encircled my being,
With the intention of giving the purpose for its existence.

And then it felt as if the heart missed its beats,
When the moment of glory showed its concealed face,
As the ring came out from that one orchid I marveled over,
The moment of happiness transformed into eternal lifetime in seconds.

Promises were confessed in the heavy breaths of the moments,
And love was promised till the point of infinity of one’s life,
Life which was to be lived sparkled with bountiful of roses of love,
Like a child who could live perpetually in his world of doves.

Also Prompted@3WW

36 thoughts on “The Spring Of Our Love!

  1. you call this struggling? even while you are struggling you let the pieces connect well πŸ™‚ though i noticed an over use of 's' wonder if it is just me :)but the rest is so you!p.s. every abandonment brings with it a precise moment to gradually shift into a new beginning πŸ™‚

  2. ahhh…such a love laced writing…and the picture πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and oh abt what his mom says, i think you are among the lucky ones whose MIL is soo adorable..however, we keep our fights to ourselves,after 2 years of marriage you know it will just be a matter of few hours till you are back again πŸ™‚

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