Dear Life!

Dear Life,

Looking at the weightless of my existence I often wonder is it really worthy?
Then I hear a voice from you directed at me which says,

“Quench all your fears and one day your wish will be my command”

I listen and move on waiting for the day when my words could work as the force to reckon all.
But today I feel like ignoring those words and desire to tell you- I am tired of this eternal wait.

Yours ,
Impatient Traveller

Also Prompted@ 3WW

35 thoughts on “Dear Life!

  1. The eternal wait perhaps?Here's the trick:Think of nothing and you will become weightless.Ignore everything around you and fear will disappear.Time will quicken and you will become one with eternity!

  2. Convert the frustration to something productive so that you can reach your desired destiny. Else, don't think of anything, and just feel the breeze for some time.

  3. wait for sometime honey and life will become like a long leisurely vacation..and yes i am sure your guy will have a lot in common with G, cus reading my blog for a guy is a tough job, with all the mush n love i write :)thanks a tonne for wishing G and it means a lot to us πŸ™‚ how was d vacation??

  4. @Sulagna I hope that time does come soon :)..ya even i realized he indeed have lots in common with G …and this is not the first time he thoroughly loved ur post…infact he totally awww over ur posts :)My wishes are with u guys always :)…and the vacation was fantastic even though it was such bad hot weather …company matters u see :)My prayers are always with u girl …..the best healing exercise one can have is to pour ur heart in words…i do it often and it helps…ur always welcome πŸ™‚

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