As She Leaves!

As she gets ready to leave,
Tears speaks it all,
Heart beats fluctuated ,
As feet refuses to move.

A new world awaits her,
But it seeks her to leave the old,
The world where she was conceived,
And the one where she moved,
Moved to carve a niche of her own right.

She was the baby in the hands of her mother,
A darling in the words of her father,
The beautiful doll in the arms of her brothers,
And the life beat making the house alive,
House whose door she was to cross today.

Crossing doors was her destiny,
Destiny which she knew since her birth,
She will remain the dearest even now,
But still the life was opening doors of change,
Change which seek to transform her,
Herself is to grow from a girl to a woman.

Today the world is rejoicing her wedding,
Wedding to the man of her dreams,
The ‘one’ who will keep her like a queen,
A queen of his heart and that of his world,
His world which will be transform into hers,
involving her to leave behind the footprints,
The footprints of the child she always want to stay.

She knows double happiness waits for her,
A new transformation is there to receive her,
She is to begin a new journey as she steps out,
The journey from being just a daughter and a sister,
To becoming a wife and a mother,
The journey which will give her eternal happiness,
And would complete her existence.

Today she can’t help dropping that last tear,
Nor can she wipe them from her family,
The family which celebrates her happiness,
Yet feels the bereavement,
The process of letting their pride become other’s pride,

The proud ‘she’ smiles at the love being showered,
And promises she will make their head high forever,
And then she hugs them one last goodbye to tell,
This Daughter will stay yours forever,
even after she gets a groom to call her his bride.

10 thoughts on “As She Leaves!

  1. u getting to be expert in marriage poems now?! :Dlovely words for the bride.. and stop threatening the groom, he'll know what to do.

  2. @Manjari Well had to…This is a separate place for me to dwell where I refuse to divulge my identity even if ppl know….If u want u can divulge them at public forums where i reveal them…Sorry if u mind it….Hope my request is respected.

  3. just one single word on every post of yours- vowwwww… speaks about every single emotion of a gal at her marriage.wonderful dedication…i am so…much loving ur blog..

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