Love Found Its Way!

Their Eyes told the stories,
Their hearts strummed a beat,
Their smirk wouldn’t stop,
And the heart is all filled with dreams.

Their prayers were finally answered,
And their wait was over,
Love was all set to culminate,
And the souls were joining to become one.

Their tears have evaporated,
And the heart is playing a different tune,
The Head could hardly believe,
But the ‘Diamond’ convinced him of the Tale.

The tale is of a princess,
Who always believed in a fairy tale,
Fairy tale of a knight who will leap centuries,
Just to make her live like her way.

She has believed and believed,
Even though the world disapproved ,
And snide her for her foolishness,
By asking her to forget the tale.

But she believed in the power,
Power of the love which kept the spark,
The spark in the prayers and faith in the prince,
Who will one day come to fulfill what she wished.

Today came the day,
When the prince bowed to love,
And promised to take her to the eternal fairyland,
Where fairies will caress, and angel will protect,
And live the love story which was written by the God.

Today this Princess is gleaming,
And the critics are Aghast,
For the tale of True Love,
Has finally found its way,
And heard the prayers we asked from our hearts,
Uniting the True Souls into One and Making us believe in the ‘Hearts’.


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