And Then She Said ‘Yes’!

Been woken up by the voice of the most dearest is the perfect start to a beautiful morning.The morning was indeed beautiful but she wasn’t used to been woken up like this.

Infact over the past few years she was used to been woken by a kiss and the scent of the perfect roses coupled with her favourite strawberry souffle.

But today was different… fact quite different.

After been living with him for the past two years she had started believing all mornings will be perfect like the first one.

They indeed were……….Except for this one.

This one where he left without waking her up……..without kissing her goodbye for the day.
She had missed classes for the day but then that wasn’t as frightening as was the morning.

The random phone call had left a sour taste in her month.
The sourness entered her mouth whenever she got anxious.
And she surely was majorly anxious today.

She was asked to negotiate her times with her boss for a few hours to reach the beach park at 11 in the morning.

Having to work a bit on her schedule was not really a big deal for her but such demands were coming from the one who never liked a last moment changes in anything.
Beach park was her favorite place in her city and she loved being there all the times but today this name was giving her goosebumps.

He has been acting quite weird over the past few weeks.
A one time love bird had turned into a big workaholic who barely had time to sleep even on weekends.

Their love life was going down like the ebb in the sea.
She knew she had often taken him for granted and hardly been expressive when it comes to love but then he was a part of her and he knew that.

She wondered if he had started falling out of love or maybe her lack of expression were making her lose him.

As her minds wandered, she was becoming from the strong woman to a vulnerable child . She wanted to break down and curse her fate once again.

He came in her life when her life was at its worse.
And he was responsible for turning it into a fairy tale.
But today when everything was just perfect she felt like losing everything to her destiny once again.

As she was lost in those thoughts, another call awoke her.

He: Where are you?
She: I …am….?

He: Not left right?…….reach in 10 minutes….no ifs and no buts?
She: What’s the issue?

He: Nothing….If you love me just reach….
She: Hmmm…..Will be there.

He: Good…. take care…..cya
She: Cya

She got up to freshen up and leave fast.
She took the keys and ran fast to her car.
She was driving but her heart was making her dead.
She was fearing the worst but her heart was hoping the best.

She reached her favorite place and the favorite diner only to find emptiness.
On their permanent table was kept her favorite roses and an envelop with ‘the key’ with a letter.
She opened it to find the note:

” Reach the address mentioned below….i am waiting”

She got a bit more anxious…..but couldn’t say much.
The address was of her dream house at the other end of the beach.

As she reached there, she was treated with another set of emptiness.
But surprisingly, the keys fitted the door.
She entered a fairytale house with the most beautiful meadows.
Scarily as she moved ahead…….her eyes could trace him at the end.

She almost jumped in happiness with tears falling down and ran towards him like its been ages she was seperated from him. She was happy and she was scared.
Before she could reach him, there he was sitting on his knees and a ring in his hands:

And then he spoke those golden words….

He: Would you like to share this beautiful life with this ‘bad boy’ of yours?

She had a surprised and happy gleam on her face which made way for a set of tears from those anxious eyes.

She : You sure?
He : Why you aren’t?

She : Offcourse I am just that….
He: Now stop thinking and give an answer .


And there she jumped to Kiss and hug him.

And then he smiled and said :
He: So you finally said Yes.
She: I had to.

He: Hahaha You always had a no for an answer.
She: Comeon, that’s not true.

He : It is .
She : It was just because you were the extra romance filled Hero.

He: And i wasn’t one now?
She: You almost gave me a heart attack today with your unusual schedule.

He: That was because I had to sign the house papers.
She: Whatever. You could have at least kissed me morning.

He: Ahan. Then you might have said another no.
She: Shutup. Dare you do something like this again.

He: Why? You didn’t like the surprise.
She: I loved it but I hated the anxiety.

He: Now I know how to make you say yes.
She: Shutup dare you do.

He: Love you honey.
She: Love you too baby.

He: So she finally said yes.
She: Hahahha.

He: Muaaahz to that girl in my arms.
She: Idiot .

And then as they say….they lived forever ever after with those fights and those romances….!

Also Prompted@3WW

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