Wedding Angst!

Eyes gazed down in a quest,
The laden hands greeted me,
I dreamed of the moment,
Moment of eternal graze.

As my first steps entered,
I felt a quiver of anxiety,
The fright of the pre ultimate,
made the hungry stomach numb.

As the petala came crashing down,
The crowd full of brazen looks,
Walking forward abruptly, slowly.
Just to nuzzle us, catch just a glimpse.

A pearly tear was about to fall,
I was feeling a fret,
When a hand caught me,
Making me look up with a lump.

With it fled all my fears,
There was an eternal promise,
In those eyes I saw forever.

Forever bliss was showered,
In the glint of a smile,
Promising me of a life,
To live like a ‘Bride’ forever.

Also Prompted@3WW

11 thoughts on “Wedding Angst!

  1. beautiful! i love the poet in you. way to go girl!! seems like tonight i'd read as much of your blog as i can. describes so much of what i feel. Here's a similar piece i wrote sometime ago. check it out if you like

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