Speaking Out!

Silence trapped inside,
Persisting to escape,
Enraged over helplessness,
Amidst a spirit,
Keeping one alive,
Involving slow courage,
Nearing a culmination,
Gearing to sound.

Ousted to express,
Unique conscious voice ,
To present reality.

Prompted and Submited@Acrostic Only


24 thoughts on “Speaking Out!

  1. Hey Scribbling Girl…this one is brilliant…:)Been bloghopping on all AO participants' acros and I am in awe noticing how very good is everyone's work!This calls for a celebration at AO Amias!

  2. I'm moved into thinking deeply about this little piece you've written here… once read a book called The Pakistani Bride and this poem of yours reminded me of the same raw subdued violence. Keep up the good work!

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