The Immemorial Tale!

Eyes closed I laid in the bed,
Dreaming of a world far apart,
Thoughts circulated round and forth,
Telling me a story I often disdained!
Story of a time lost in time immemorial,
Of the time where we lived in the losing,
The thoughts convoluted long started emerging
Generating a spark which spoke of the dreaded!
The memory started sharpening from where it faded,
Faded with purpose to separate hate from love,
For the tale spoke of a prince and a princess,
And of an enemy who was as thicker as the blood!
The tale began with a tease of affection,
Where fun was all circulating the world,
Happiness flouted like the sugar in the lakes of heaven,
Time where tears were as meager as the poverty!
Then the time came to a standstill,
For the tale was anything but love,
The enemy separated the lovers and happiness got bereft,
The lakes dried and the lands turned barren!
The prince protested and the princess cried,
The kingdom noticed but its voice was meek
For the enemy took face of the kin,
The kin which once promised to protect the love!
The brain couldnโ€™t understand the game that was played,
Where fake promises existed to entrap the lovers,
And the conspirators professed of the blood thickness,
The tears dried and the mind entrapped forever,
Happiness wandered for gloom was the future,
Destining insomnia to those dried eyes till time immemorial!
Prompted and Submitted@3WW

10 thoughts on “The Immemorial Tale!

  1. First things first, sorry about the spam filter. I hate WP's spam filter and I've tried everything.Anyway, I really like the way this poem built, with some fantastic lines and a great ending.

  2. awsome i loved it….. ๐Ÿ˜› i am here aftr ages…n still in love wid ur poems…k listen here darling…u r to write a guest post for me…i ll kill u if u dont…ping me/mail me venever u r online…

  3. Hey there..hope you are doing fine! Thank you for visiting my blog..Lovely poem i must say, i'll keep coming back for more! Btw i don't see any about me here?:P

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