The Realization!

The clouds shrouding the mental state of my being finally started to disappear.

It seemed as if I had suddenly awakened from a deep slumber and my mind sounded much more lucid than what I envisioned it to be today.

The destructive unimaginable happening had infact salvaged me from going into the darkest abyss of life and led to the emergence of a righteous being with the clarity of thoughts and directions.

Submitted and Prompted@3WW



6 thoughts on “The Realization!

  1. First off, sorry about the spam thing. There's no rhyme or reason to WordPress' filter. Trust me, I've tried.Your contribution hit home with me, since I'm looking for that clarity of thought, that next big thing. Three new words going up on Wednesday, hope you will participate again.

  2. I like the fact that your mind 'sounded'… that you were listening to it, not that it 'seemed'.That had me thinking lots of things, which is, in my opinion, always a grand thing. It's not my role to welcome you to 3WW, I'm just another contributor, too. But, I know that you will feel welcome, and that your contributions will be welcomed to the community, too.Tschuess,Chris

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