Together We Stand!

Turmoil encircling the universe,

Omnipresent threat overpowering us,
Grinding the existing reality,
Effervescent is our capacity,
Thirsting for a change,
Hovering around is hope,
Everyday we live dreams,
Ready to fight unitedly.

Wavering strength is retained,
Eager to barge ahead.

Standing unified with passion,
To tame the beast ,
Aversion to the bloodshed,
Nearing to reach target,
Diminishing all with love.
Prompted and Submitted@Acrostic Only

14 thoughts on “Together We Stand!

  1. Welcome to Acrostic Only. Glad you joined the fun. Sorry for the lateness of this welcome, and glad you changed from the drop down menu … as I could not post.Wonderful take on the prompt … a little passion does a body good.

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