I Love You!

Inside the cocoon of my heart!

Laid a dream of a place,
Over the top of the world,
Visibly heaven like and mystical,
Eternally of a happy haven!

Yearning for truth among falsihood,
Omnipresent ‘One’ heard me one day,
Unifying me with the ‘soul’!

Bestowing the glorious companionship,
Amidst the hatred of the world,
Borrowing the Love to shower,
Yearnestly making me ‘complete’!


4 thoughts on “I Love You!

  1. Hmm, a heartfelt one. Hmm, a tad long, don't you think? I mean, shorter lines, tighter lines could have done the magic better. Still, as far as he understands and loves you, this is a winner!

  2. @Brosreview i agree this poem hardly qualifies to be a good acrostic which is why i mentioned about it being quite naive in the note. I scribbled it down in a hurry but i know this poem can be improved a lot and would surely do so !

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